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How to Make Eggnog from Scratch

Making Eggnog from Scratch

If there’s a better holiday treat than eggnog, we haven’t found it. And this time of year, we like to stock up. Cartons, gallons, vats—we’ll take whatever we can get our hands on. It’s all delicious, but we must admit, there’s something extra special about a batch of homemade eggnog.  Everyone has their own twist, but if you want the best eggnog in the world, you have to try this recipe from Chow.  

What you’ll need...  

Ingredients for the eggnog:


Super Soup Recipes

There may not be anything better on a crisp fall day than a bowlful of creamy soup. The ultimate comfort food, soup warms you from the inside out and satisfies even the toughest hunger. Chunks of tender chicken, hints of spice, seasonal vegetables and melted cheese all make us swoon for soup season; we welcome it with open arms and stomachs.
Here are five fall soup recipes you must try:

Scary Halloween Recipes

The ghouls and goblins are coming, and ravenous they will be – scavenging for all the sugary confections they can get their slimy hands on. Trust us, you don’t want to disappoint them. And when it comes to Halloween Recipes, the creepier, spookier, scarier, and grosser (looking) you get, the better. As long as they’re frightfully delicious, of course. We went trick-or-treating on Pinterest, and took more than our fair share of treats (it’s okay, we said thank you). Here are 8 of the best Halloween recipes in our bag:


Pizza Parties All Month Long

Everyone loves pizza, and while Americans probably don’t need another excuse to eat American pie, we certainly won’t turn it down. That’s why we’re going to celebrate National Pizza Month like it’s 1999 -- or 1987, which is the year Congress designated October as National Pizza Month. Pizza facts, pizza recipes, and pizza parties. We have it all. So for the love of pizza, let’s get on with it...


Protein Packed After-School Snacks

Protein Packed Afterschool Snacks - Kids Mini Pizzas

School’s out for the day and your kids’ stomachs are a-growlin’. They’re in the kitchen on the prowl for something tasty to snack on. And while your kids probably aren’t too picky about what they put in their bodies, with dairy it’s easy to make sure the snacks they’re enjoying are healthy, satisfying and won’t spoil dinner. Here are five protein-packed, after-school snack ideas even your kids can put together when hunger strikes!  


Go Back to School with Dairy

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to say those three little words: back to school. But yes, it’s time to start gearing up for another school year. It’s time when you start thinking about which back-to-school clothing sale to hit; should you go with college-ruled or wide-ruled notebooks; and when can you possibly squeeze a sports physical into the schedule. You make all these decisions because they help your kids get back into the swing of things, and ultimately help them succeed in their endeavors.

Coffee and Dairy Should Marry

coffee and dairy should marry

The Evergreen State. It’s known for a few things... like always being green, and the Space Needle, and apples. And coffee - that delicious liquid that most Americans and all Washingtonians rely on for survival. As home to one of the biggest coffee companies in the world (a little place called Starbucks), you could say we know a thing or two about coffee around here. There are coffee shops, stands, and specialty roasters on every street corner, and for good reason. We love the stuff. And we love it even more with dairy.


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