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A Unique Journey to the American Dream

In some ways, José Torres is like thousands of other dairy farmers across the United States- he’s hard-working, puts his cows’ needs before his own, and lays awake at night wondering if he’s making the right decisions. But in other ways, Torres couldn’t be more unique.

Torres, a 1st generation dairy farmer in Elma, Washington didn’t grow up on a dairy or even in the U.S.


Hops and Dairy Farms: A Sustainable Friendship

Yakima Valley is no stranger to hop farms. In fact, about 75% of the total U.S. hop acreage is located in the Yakima Valley.  Another huge contributor to the agriculture community sits in between all these acres of hops -dairies. Although these two commodities are unrelated, they have one challenge in common -managing by-products. Together they have found ways to maintain more sustainable and efficient practices on their farms.


Worms Next Champions of Wastewater Management

Managing waste on dairies can be an expensive and daunting task for farmers who look to run profitable businesses while protecting the environment. That is why farmers are increasingly turning to technology to make this task more sustainable. Some technologies even make wastewater reusable.


Upcoming Events

March 28- Mariner's Dairy Farmer Community Service Award Nominations Due
For the 3rd year, DFW is teaming up with the Seattle Mariners to honor 6 dairy farmers who are going above and beyond to serve their communities. Awardees will win 4 game tickets, a parking pass, and be recognized on home plate of Safeco Field before the first pitch. Nominate a deserving fellow farmer to win a $500 Amazon gift card. Click here to fill out a short nomination form:

New Dairy Farmers of Washington Board Member Brings Unique Perspective

Adam Dolsen, owner of Cow Palace dairy in Granger, Washington has recently been elected to serve on the Dairy Farmers of Washington (DFW) Board of Directors. 
Cow Palace has been in the Dolsen Family for three generations, beginning with Dolsen’s grandfather in the early 70s.  
For the last four years, Dolsen has been in charge of the dairy’s 7,200 cattle and other day-to-day operations with his wife, Morgan and their three children, Mack, Ellie, and Sunny. 

New Day for WA Dairy

Last fall we re-branded the organization, took a new approach to consumer and farmer communications and challenged the staff to get our message out in bold and exciting new ways.This year, the board approved contracting with a new creative agency to turn up the volume on our consumer campaigns.



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