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Dairy Farmers of Washington React to WSU Study of Organic Whole Milk

Dairy Farmers of Washington React to WSU Study of Organic Milk
Today Washington State University (WSU) researcher and organic advocate Dr. Charles Benbrook distributed a news release concerning a new study that he interprets as showing a health advantage for organic full-fat (“whole”) milk over regular whole milk due to its fatty acid profile.

Living with Lactose Intolerance

Can I still eat dairy if I’m lactose intolerant? It’s a question not many people ask, but they should. Because dairy foods are so nutrient dense, it’s recommended that adults consume three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy every day. But most people with lactose intolerance tend to avoid dairy completely, and eliminating dairy could mean missing out on these essential nutrients. The good news is that living with lactose intolerance doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite dairy foods.

Protein Packed After-School Snacks

Protein Packed Afterschool Snacks - Kids Mini Pizzas

School’s out for the day and your kids’ stomachs are a-growlin’. They’re in the kitchen on the prowl for something tasty to snack on. And while your kids probably aren’t too picky about what they put in their bodies, with dairy it’s easy to make sure the snacks they’re enjoying are healthy, satisfying and won’t spoil dinner. Here are five protein-packed, after-school snack ideas even your kids can put together when hunger strikes!  


Go Back to School with Dairy

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to say those three little words: back to school. But yes, it’s time to start gearing up for another school year. It’s time when you start thinking about which back-to-school clothing sale to hit; should you go with college-ruled or wide-ruled notebooks; and when can you possibly squeeze a sports physical into the schedule. You make all these decisions because they help your kids get back into the swing of things, and ultimately help them succeed in their endeavors.

Fresh Milk From Farm to Fridge

To provide the highest quality product, the Dairy Farmers of Washington work hard to bring fresh milk from the farm to your fridge. It takes just 48 hours for milk to travel from the milking parlor to your local grocery store. Sometimes farm fresh milk is available for sale in stores the very next day. Learn more about milk's journey from farm to fridge...

June is National Dairy Month!

Not only is June the official kickoff to everyone’s favorite season, it is also National Dairy Month. So we want to extend a warm welcome to summer by celebrating dairy 30 days, 30 ways in the month of June. As the Dairy Farmers of Washington, it is our proud duty to share with you the very best of what our dairies have to offer, including recipes for healthy summer snacks (and sweet treats), local dairy-fests and fairs and a chance to win $10,000 just because it’s National Dairy Month.

Rethink Your Drink

Obesity is now the biggest food crisis in the world. Not hunger - obesity. And it’s affecting us on a global scale. Obesity has increased 82% in the last two decades worldwide (Global Burden of Disease Report). A large contributing factor of obesity is a person’s sugar intake. And the number one source of sugar in the American diet? Sugary drinks.


The Best Greek Yogurts

What do Zeus, Achilles, Poseidon, and Apollo have in common? A love of Greek Yogurt, of course! While that may be a myth, the unique flavor and versatility of this protein-packed dairy food is not. Greek Yogurt boasts a rich, creamy texture and tart taste that makes it a satisfying snack or a worthy substitute for fatty foods like mayonnaise.



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