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What's in Your Oatmeal?

January is Oatmeal month and for good reason – oats are awesome! They are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber to keep you fuller longer, and in combination with other important nutrients, prevents and manages a host of illnesses and diseases. And as an added benefit to many families, many oat options are gluten-free. Add the nutrients from oats along with the nutrients in your favorite dairy foods and you have a breakfast combination that can’t be beat.


New Year’s Resolution: 3 Things to Continue in 2017

If you’ve already Googled New Year’s Resolution Ideas, this is what you probably saw: eat less, sit less, spend less, read more, play more, meditate more, pick up a new hobby. For so many, New Year’s Resolutions conjure up the overwhelming idea of a complete lifestyle overhaul. Truth be told, it’s likely that many of your current habits can simply be reinforced to get you to a healthier you.

What's Your Cheese Type?

What's Your Cheese Type?
There’s a reason people say “cheese” when they’re smiling for a photo. Cheese is an extremely versatile and delicious food that can bring health and happiness to families the world over. There are about 300 types of cheese in the United States and approximately 2,000 types of cheese in the world. With so many varieties, cheese is a nutritious food that can fit into nearly any eating plan.

Fighting Hunger with the Power of Protein

The human relationship with food is complex:  what we eat, how much we eat, when we eat it and where the food comes from.  Hunger is an even more complex element of that relationship.  While some people have access to the food they need to survive, many do not.  In fact, 805 million people  or 1 in 9  around the world are undernourished.


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