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Vander Haak Dairy Wins Renewable Energy Award

Vander Haak Dairy in Lynden, WA Wins U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Achievement in Renewable Energy
Every day, Washington dairy farmers are exploring and implementing ways to be good stewards of their land, and others around the nation have begun to notice. For the fourth time since the U.S. Dairy Sustainability program began in 2012, a Washington state dairy farm has won a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award. This year, Vander Haak Dairy in Lynden, Washington, won the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Renewable Energy."
Sustainability is key

What goes into a glass of milk?

Dairy Farmers of Washington work hard to provide a quality productIt’s dinner time yet again, and you pull the milk jug out of the fridge to pour each family member a tall glass of farm-fresh milk. It's a nightly tradition you cherish and overlook all at once. Across town and across the state, countless families are doing the same thing -- sharing a meal made a little more perfect with milk. Milk helps create special moments like these every day.

This Flood Happened

Chehalis River Flood Impact on Dairy Farmers of Washington
In December 2007, Southwest Washington faced one of the biggest floods in our state’s history when the Chehalis River overflowed its banks and poured into the basin. Small businesses, homes, schools, and Interstate 5 were all submerged. Local dairy farmers were also hit hard, their entire livelihoods washed downstream. The only thing more astonishing than the destruction was the recovery.

A Very Dairy Holiday

Tony and Brenda Veiga of J & K Dairy in Sunnyside, WA
From school to school, Tony and Brenda Veiga of Sunnyside, Washington, spend cold December days picking up food donations for St. Joseph’s Food Bank. And while Brenda volunteers at the food bank every Thursday year round, this is just one way the co-owners of J & K Dairy go above and beyond to give back to their community during the holidays. 

Using Robotics to Be a Better Farmer

DeLaval Milking Robotics Help Austin Dairy Farm in Oakville, Washington

Robots. They rove the red sands of Mars and threaten to take over the world in science fiction movies. But in Oakville, Washington, robots are doing something much different. Just 90 miles south of Seattle, the robots on the Austin family's dairy farm are making life a whole lot better for cows and for the farmers.  

Best Ice Cream in Washington

Best Ice Cream in Washington State

Washington dairy cows produce fresh, delicious milk, which means Washington is home to some of the richest, creamiest ice cream in the entire world. There are so many amazing creameries, shops and restaurants committed to serving locally-sourced ice cream, and we wanted to find the best ice cream in Washington. So we turned to you - our friends, our followers - to find out which ice cream parlor dishes up the ultimate scoop of irresistible ice cream.

Handcrafted Dairy Products from Edaleen Dairy

Edaleen Dairy Premium Ice Cream

What started out as a small family business in 1975 has grown into one of Washington’s most successful dairy operations. Ed and Aileen Brandsma founded their namesake business, Edaleen Dairy, with just a few Holstein milking cows and their nose-to-the-grindstone, Dutch work ethic. Today, the dairy employs more than 80 workers, and the herd has expanded to more than 2,500 Holsteins.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream's Pursuit of Perfection

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Cafe

In honor of National Ice Cream month, we stopped by Snoqualmie Ice Cream Café and Farm to learn about Barry Bettinger’s pursuit of the perfect ice cream. Barry and his wife Shahnaz own and operate Snoqualmie Ice Cream. They make some of the smoothest, richest ice cream you’ll find, and it’s all filled with fresh, local ingredients from farms and dairies around their headquarters in Maltby, Washington.

Fresh Milk From Farm to Fridge

To provide the highest quality product, the Dairy Farmers of Washington work hard to bring fresh milk from the farm to your fridge. It takes just 48 hours for milk to travel from the milking parlor to your local grocery store. Sometimes farm fresh milk is available for sale in stores the very next day. Learn more about milk's journey from farm to fridge...


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