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Sunnyside Dairy Nominated for U.S. Sustainability Award

washington Farmers Dan DeGroot

Sunnyside, Wash. – “I’m a big believer in cow comfort,” said Sunnyside dairy farmer Dan DeGroot.  “Cows are social creatures who like consistency so we milk, bed and feed them at the same time each day.”

Dairy Farmers of Washington are a Key Ingredient of the WIAA

As the Dairy Farmers of Washington, we are proud to be an integral part of our
state’s economy and its close-knit communities. And there’s no arguing that
athletics have an inexplicable power to bring people together and further cultivate
a sense of community. That’s why, for almost twenty years, the Dairy Farmers
of Washington have partnered with the Washington Interscholastic Activities


Mid-Columbia Basin Dairy Farmers Launch ‘Dairy for Life’

Mabton, Wash. - Mid-Columbia Basin dairy farmers have launched Dairy for Life, a program that has committed $60,000 dollars that will put 25,000 gallons of milk into food banks from Yakima to the Tri-Cities over the next 12 months. Second Harvest will be the distributor of this milk into the food bank system.

The Demand for Valley Dairy Manure is Increasing

Russ Davis wants more cow manure.  He’s the president of Organix, a Walla Walla based company, with production facilities in Yakima County that specialize in converting cow manure into compost.

“We look for dairies that like to export their manure,” explained Davis, who works with several Yakima Valley dairies.  “Dairies have their own manure management plans, whether it’s turning manure into cow bedding or using it to fertilize their crops.  So that reduces the availability.”

Farming the Next Generation

Agriculture is the world’s largest and most diverse industry. As the industry works to keep up with the growing food demand, passing on agriculture skills to the next generation becomes increasingly important.

Farming in particular has traditionally been a legacy, family farms being passed down from one generation to the next. And while it is often still that way, piquing interest among the younger generations is still vital, and offering the opportunity for learning is necessary.

Going Green

Today marks the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, an annual celebration to inspire people to live more sustainable lives. As dairy farmers, we’re all about preserving the land we depend on and encourage others to treat every day as Earth Day.

Even taking small steps toward sustainability can add up to big change. Whether you pledge to plant a tree, swap to a compact fluorescent light bulb or carpool with a coworker, you can help make a difference. Here are some other ideas:

Growing the next generation of dairy farmers for Washington

Already-wavering dairy farm numbers are being challenged by a falling number of children intending to continue the family dairy tradition. However, a bright spot appears each year with springtime graduation from schools like Washington State University. Read on to learn more about the new generation of dairy farmers that intend to carry on the tradition and sustain one of Washington's most important agricultural industries.


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