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Go Back to School with Dairy

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to say those three little words: back to school. But yes, it’s time to start gearing up for another school year. It’s time when you start thinking about which back-to-school clothing sale to hit; should you go with college-ruled or wide-ruled notebooks; and when can you possibly squeeze a sports physical into the schedule. You make all these decisions because they help your kids get back into the swing of things, and ultimately help them succeed in their endeavors.

Handcrafted Dairy Products from Edaleen Dairy

Edaleen Dairy Premium Ice Cream

What started out as a small family business in 1975 has grown into one of Washington’s most successful dairy operations. Ed and Aileen Brandsma founded their namesake business, Edaleen Dairy, with just a few Holstein milking cows and their nose-to-the-grindstone, Dutch work ethic. Today, the dairy employs more than 80 workers, and the herd has expanded to more than 2,500 Holsteins.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream's Pursuit of Perfection

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Cafe

In honor of National Ice Cream month, we stopped by Snoqualmie Ice Cream Café and Farm to learn about Barry Bettinger’s pursuit of the perfect ice cream. Barry and his wife Shahnaz own and operate Snoqualmie Ice Cream. They make some of the smoothest, richest ice cream you’ll find, and it’s all filled with fresh, local ingredients from farms and dairies around their headquarters in Maltby, Washington.

Washington Wine and Cheese Pairings

Washington wine and cheese pairings

There may not be a culinary couple better suited for each other than wine and cheese, and finding the perfect match can be a taste bud-tantalizing pursuit. With nearly 700 wineries and over 500 dairy farms and creameries nestled in every valley, plateau, and hillside, Washington happens to be one of those special places where the search for a palatable pairing begins in our own backyard.


June is National Dairy Month!

Not only is June the official kickoff to everyone’s favorite season, it is also National Dairy Month. So we want to extend a warm welcome to summer by celebrating dairy 30 days, 30 ways in the month of June. As the Dairy Farmers of Washington, it is our proud duty to share with you the very best of what our dairies have to offer, including recipes for healthy summer snacks (and sweet treats), local dairy-fests and fairs and a chance to win $10,000 just because it’s National Dairy Month.

Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

2013 Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

The 2013 Smart Choices Scholarship Winners have been announced! Each year, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the Dairy Farmers of Washington, and Les Schwab Tires recognize two high school seniors, one male and one female, for demonstrating excellence in athletics, activities, academics, leadership and community service. These two seniors each receive a $5,000 scholarship that goes toward tuition their freshman year of college.


The Convenience of Milk

You can find Washington dairy products in any local grocery store, but did you know that our products also have their own special place in convenience stores, too? Until the end of May, Jacksons Food Store, a convenience store chain in Western Washington, is giving 5% of all gallon milk sales to Washington schools.


Sunnyside Dairy Nominated for U.S. Sustainability Award

washington Farmers Dan DeGroot

Sunnyside, Wash. – “I’m a big believer in cow comfort,” said Sunnyside dairy farmer Dan DeGroot.  “Cows are social creatures who like consistency so we milk, bed and feed them at the same time each day.”


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