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Fighting Hunger with the Power of Protein

The human relationship with food is complex:  what we eat, how much we eat, when we eat it and where the food comes from.  Hunger is an even more complex element of that relationship.  While some people have access to the food they need to survive, many do not.  In fact, 805 million people  or 1 in 9  around the world are undernourished.

Drink Egg Nog to Feed the Hungry

In 1920, Benjamin F. Smith started selling milk to a few customers with just one cow. One cow turned into several, and Smith Brothers’ Farms was born. Named for Benjamin Smith’s sons Dan and Howard, Smith Brothers’s Farms now serves over 45,000 customers throughout the Puget Sound area every week, delivering farm fresh milk and other local foods right to their doorstep.

Dairy Farmers Don't Waste the Waste

Art Mensonides Installs Digester System at his Dairy
Art Mensonides is a dairy farmer in Mabton, Washington. Originally from The Netherlands, he and his family immigrated to Washington in 1989 to start a dairy. In 2002, they built the current farm, and its current operations are just one more example of how Washington dairy farmers are contributing to our state’s environmental sustainability.

Fight Hunger During Dairy Month

NW Farmers Fighting Hunger Kickoff Event in Olympia, WA
We celebrate dairy all year round because it’s our job, and because it’s our passion. But we always look forward to June when everyone else gets to celebrate with us for National Dairy Month. It’s a time to enjoy two scoops of ice cream instead of one, add a splash of creamer to our black coffee, sink our teeth into an extra cheesy pizza, and top all our berries with real whipped cream. It’s also a time to recognize the hard work and dedication Washington dairy farmers put in every single day to care for their cows and bring us farm fresh dairy products. 

2014 Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

Drew Wallen and Jenna Moser win 2014 Smart Choices Scholarship
There are those who claim the youth of today is a lost generation. We beg to differ. Every year, the Dairy Farmers of Washington, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and Les Schwab Tires award two high school seniors with the Smart Choices Scholarship. Smart Choices winners receive a $5,000 scholarship to the institution of continued learning of their choosing. These recipients excel in the classroom, in their extracurricular activities and in their communities. Their achievements are so far above and beyond they’ll make your head spin.


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