Is My Milk Safe?

Deepak Chow, the manager of the Darigold Corporate Laboratory walks us through the milk testing product. For the producer and plant samples. She drinks milk and eats cheese every single day "in mass quantities." From her perspective as a scientist and as a consumer, Darigold milk is safe to drink, and it's as safe as it can be. From tests to communication between the dairies, plants, and lab, the measures taken to ensure milk is safe to drink are extensive. Chow shares that a single milk sample is bombarded with tests throughout the day, and that information is reflected on the website and to the dairy farmers who produced it. If there's ever a concern, the lab communicates directly with the producers and the plants to resolve the concern as quickly as possible. It's the Darigold Lab's duty to ensure our milk is safe to drink.

Video Transcript:

My name is Deep Chow. I actually manage the laboratory here. It’s the Darigold corporate laboratory. So we actually do all the testing for the producer samples that come in, as well as all the plant samples – finished product.

I drink milk every single day. I eat cheese every single day, in mass quantities. I think that, you know, from my perspective in this lab testing facility, as well as from a consumer’s perspective, our milk is safe. And it’s the safest it can be. We do so many different things to ensure that the milk is safe out there. Not only with testing, but just with the communication from the dairy farm level to the plant level to what we do here at the corporate laboratory. We continuously ensure that the product out there is as safe as it possibly could be.

I just tell people that you guys don’t even understand the process that we go through. Just that one milk sample that we receive from the dairy farm, that tank, every single day, it’s bombarded with tests - over and over throughout the whole entire day. That information is reflected on the website. It’s reflected to the producer, the dairy farmer. They take that information and they go back and they try to make it safer.

What do we do? We double-check everything.  We make sure we communicate to the plants. We just make sure that everybody is aware. If there is some sort of a concern, we deal with it, and we deal with it right away and we get it done. We make sure that the product is safe.