Happy Cows Produce More Milk

Happy cows=more milk. Dr. Scott Abbott, a Dairy Vet Manager in Sunnyside, Washington explains how to get the most milk out of dairy cows. He says keeping cows healthy and happy is the secret to higher milk production. The goal is to look at the cows individually instead of as a herd. The dairy find ways in their breeding programs, cow health programs, and feed programs to make sure specially trained individuals are looking at individual cows on a routine basis. The animals are treated as friends, and preventative care is a huge part of keeping the cows healthy. When the cows are healthy, they are happy, and happy cows produce better milk.

Video Transcript:

The way you get the most out of the cows is you make them happy. Our goal is to look at these animals not as a herd but as individuals in a large group. We’ve found ways in our breeding programs, and our health programs and our feed programs to make sure that individuals, individual people – individuals who have been trained to look and attack certain issues go out and look at individual cows on a routine basis so that we’re treating these cows, large group or small group, as individual cows. The animals are treated like they’re our friends because that’s how we all make our living. That’s how they make their living, so it’s a partnership between the people and the cows.  Our goal isn’t to treat animals. Our goal is to try to keep the animals well. Preventative care is 90% of what I do. If they’re happy and healthy then they treat us right also.