Importance of Dairy to Washington's Economy

Adam Dolsen is the owner of Cow Palace Dairy Sunnyside, Washington. In this video he shares why dairy farms are a key ingredient of Washington State's economy. The dairy industry has been second or third in Washington agriculture in terms of revenue produced in the State of Washington. After careful calculation, Dolsen believes the dairy industry may be the top source of agricultural income in Washington. Dolsen also explains that one in every ten dollars in the Yakima Valley is what he likes to call a "dairy dollar", meaning one out of every ten dollars in Dolsen's pocket has been earned through the dairy or one of its vendors. The dairy industry is extremely important to Washington State's economic health.

Video Transcript:

The dairy industry, it’s been number two, sometimes number three, as far as the agriculture revenue that is produced in the state of Washington. Actually, this year we might be number one. We looked at some numbers last year and we’ve kind of calculated that one in every ten dollars in the Yakima economy is what we call a dairy dollar.  So out of the ten dollars in my pocket, one of those dollars was generated by one of our vendors, or by ourselves, or by the guys who haul our milk.  It’s all related.