Comfortable Cows are Happy Cows

Jeff Boivin, General Manager at Cow Palace Dairy in Sunnyside, WA tells us how they keep their cows comfortable. There are sprinklers in the milking parlor to keep the cows cool. Cows are milked three times a day and are cooled down each time they enter the parlor. After they cows have been milked fresh feed awaits. Cows are fed twice a day, and farmers push the feed up to the trough eight times a day. Keeping the cows well-fed is extremely important. The dairy also fluffs the cow beds twice a day and provides the cows with warm, straw beds during winter. They keep the cows clean to keep and in good living conditions in order to produce a wholesome product.

Video Transcript:

We have sprinklers in the milking parlor that cools the cows down so when they go in there they really enjoy going in there because it’s cool. And they get milked three times a day. And every time they go in they get cooled down and then they return. And most of the time when they return they have fresh feed right in front of them. And we feed them twice a day. And we push up their feed eight times a day. That’s real important – that they never run out of food. We fluff up their beds every day. In the wintertime we bed them down with real big packs of straw. Keep them clean. The cleaner the cow, the better quality of milk you’re gonna get because everything’s clean. We’re just doing all the things we can to produce a wholesome product.