World School Milk Day

Celebrate World School Milk Day 2013
If you hadn’t already heard, today is World School Milk Day! World School Milk Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday in September in over 40 countries around the globe as a way to teach students the benefits of drinking milk as part of a healthy diet. Milk is an important component of a balanced diet because it’s a source of 9 essential nutrients that kids need to stay alert and ready to learn. 
Getting an extra serving of milk at school is easier than you think. Many schools in Washington offer school milk programs. And celebrating milk is just as easy - today and every day. Of course, you can celebrate milk however you want, but here are a few of our favorite ideas:
Start your day with a healthy breakfast that includes milk.
  • Let out a “moo” at the top of every hour.
  • Wear black and white - to resemble a Holstein.
  • Or wear all pink, brown, or white to match your favorite flavor of milk.
  • Sport a milk mustache.
  • Drink out of a milk mustache straw.
  • Pet a cow.

And in case you were wondering, this is how a few other countries around the world have celebrated World School Milk Day:

United Kingdom
“Captain Milk” led the charge in England and Wales, visiting several schools throughout the country offering prizes.
Chilean dairy organizations donated milk to villagers who were evacuated after a volcanic eruption.
Dairy farmers throughout the country open their farms to school students to teach them dairy practices and the health benefits of milk.
Pakistanis celebrate World School Milk Day in a big way, by throwing carnivals in its two largest cities, Karachi and Lahore. Over 24,000 people attended!
Iceland’s Milk Marketing Board put on a national drawing competition, and the winners’ pictures from the previous year were showcased on the 2013 World School Milk Day poster distributed to all Icelandic schools.
Everyone else is doing it. So, go ahead and celebrate!