Washington Dairy Community Condemns Conditions at Farm

The Dairy Farmers of Washington (DFW) and the entire Washington dairy community are outraged and heartsick by the alleged animal cruelty case at a Whatcom-area dairy farm. The Dairy Farmers of Washington support the actions taken by the Whatcom County Human Society and the ongoing investigation by law enforcement. 

Snookbrook Farms LLC, a small farm located in Whatcom County, Washington is currently being investigated by the Whatcom Humane Society for conditions well below any industry standards or acceptable practices, including a number of deceased animals and other cows and pigs in starving conditions. The matter has been referred to the Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney.

In addition to the Humane Society, The Washington State Department of Agriculture provided veterinary consultation services to Whatcom Humane Society, Animal Control for the county’s investigation.  DFW trusts that authorities will continue to aggressively investigate this matter and take appropriate actions, if justified. The animals have been rescued by the Whatcom County Humane Society and are under veterinary care.

The alleged conditions in no way reflect the animal care practices of the hundreds of hard working dairy farm families throughout Washington or across our nation. America’s dairy community is proud of the care they provide to their animals spanning many generations of dedicated dairy farmers.

Michelle Schilter, DFW Board Chair and dairy farmer from Chehalis, Washington says, “The Dairy Farmers of Washington takes any claim about animal mistreatment very seriously,” stated Schilter. “Our farmers practice high standards of animal care and reports describing alleged conditions on this farm are not representative of the high standards we insist on here in Washington.  The dairy community never tolerates animal abuse and we fully support this investigation.”

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