Unique Valentine's Day Recipes

There are plenty of ways to show your love on Valentine's Day, but nothing compares to something sweet right from the heart. We have 14 delectable Valentine's Day recipes from cookies and "pizzas" to fudge and tasty drinks. Leave them love-struck with these heart-shaped and heartfelt goodies:



1. Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies — espresso powder and black pepper add spice to these otherwise chocolatey cookies.

Valentine's Day Recipe Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

2. Dark Chocolate Waffles — start the day in love with these dark chocolate buttermilk waffles.

Valentine's Day Recipe Dark Chocolate Waffles

3. Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread — get your Greek on with this fresh twist on classic banana bread.

Valentine's Day Recipe Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

4. Red Velvet Nutella Cinnamon Roll Hearts — if heart-shaped red velvet Nutella frosted cinnamon rolls aren't love, we don't know what is.

Valentine's Day Recipes Red Velvet Nutella Cinammon Rolls

5. 1-Minute Strawberry Fruit Dip — sweet and simple, just like the best kind of love.

Valentine's Day Recipe 60-Second Strawberry Dip

6. Fruit Pizza — share your pizza, share your heart.

Valentine's Day Recipe Fruit Pizza

7. Valentine's Day Heart Toast — say "I love you" to the whole family with a slice of heart toast.

Valentine's Day Recipe Heart Shaped Toast

8. Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Glaze — mouthwatering red velvet waffles topped with cream cheese glaze. Now that's amore.

Valentine's Day Recipe Red Waffles

9. Sweetheart Cherry Pie — these heart-shaped hand pies are filled with love -- and ricotta cheese.

Valentine's Day Recipe Sweetheart Cherry Hand Pies

10. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate — a festive pink hot cocoa drink that tastes like berries and cream!

Valentine's Day Recipe White Hot Chocolate

11. Homemade Italian Cream Sodas — sip on this fun, bubbly drink. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Valentine's Day Recipe Homemade Italian Cream Soda Recipe

12. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake — tiny red hearts add up to a lot of love in one cake.

Valentine's Day Recipe White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

13. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Dip — dive in to this rich, creamy dip loaded with chocolate flavor and swirled with raspberries.

Valentine's Day Recipe Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Dip

14. Bourbon Currant Cookies — the Queen of Hearts would be pleased with these. 

Valentine's Day Recipe Bourbon Currant Cookies