A Pumpkin Tradition

October might just be the coziest month of the year.  It’s finally boot and scarf season, leaves are falling, crockpot recipes and Halloween costumes fill your Pinterest feed, and pumpkin has made its way into EVERYTHING.  Yes, October is a very good month.  Thank goodness October has five weekends because we have some serious fall business to attend to.

If you are at all pumpkin inclined, we have a perfect suggestion for one (or more) of those five weekends: Thomasson Family Farm in Enumclaw.

The Thomasson Family Farm has all the makings of a cherished annual tradition: food, hay rides, apple cider, a corn maze, beautiful pumpkins, and dairy farmers.  Wait, what?  Dairy farmers?  I thought we were talking pumpkins?

If you meet the Thomasson Family in Enumclaw, WA this season, you will also be meeting one of your local dairy farm families. Tim and Cathy Thomasson are first generation farmers.  Cathy warmly recalls husband Tim making the decision to become a dairy farmer the year he graduated from high school at 18 years old. Forty-five years later, the family has built on his passion for dairy farming as Tim and Cathy’s kids and grandkids proudly continue milking black and white Holstein cows just like Tim did when he first started.

After all that history, ten years ago the Thomasson family did something unexpected with their dairy farm.  They started growing pumpkins! 

Tim and Cathy opened up a part of the farm as a pumpkin patch for neighbors, friends and the general public.  Since opening Thomasson Family Pumpkin Farm in Enumclaw, thousands of kids have visited on school field trips.  Weekends are also very popular events for the whole family.

If you are thinking about visiting the farm and are looking for a personal recommendation from the farmer, Cathy says, “don’t miss the corn pit!” The corn pit (as the name implies) is a big bin of corn perfect for kids to jump and romp through – a favorite place on the farm.  Cathy also says she gets many thank-you notes from kids who touched real farm animals and saw real dairy calves and other animals for the first time.  “One of my favorite parts of having people on the farm is answering questions about dairy farming.  I talk to a lot of people about animal care – I really consider it to be an honor to get to be the one to answer people’s questions.” When asked what makes the pumpkin farm experience special, Cathy says, “I want people to know what hay smells like in a barn. I want kids who visit our farm to have a special memory from childhood of cows, and corn and pumpkins.  Also, more kids should look back and remember the smell of hay!”  We agree, Cathy.  We agree.

Parking is free, the staff are friendly, and you’re guaranteed to come away with a brand new fall tradition!

Visit http://www.thomassonfarm.com/ for information regarding tickets and other logistics for visiting the farm.