Protein Packed After-School Snacks

Protein Packed Afterschool Snacks - Kids Mini Pizzas

School’s out for the day and your kids’ stomachs are a-growlin’. They’re in the kitchen on the prowl for something tasty to snack on. And while your kids probably aren’t too picky about what they put in their bodies, with dairy it’s easy to make sure the snacks they’re enjoying are healthy, satisfying and won’t spoil dinner. Here are five protein-packed, after-school snack ideas even your kids can put together when hunger strikes!  

1. Yogurt. Nothing is easier than grabbing a cup of yogurt from the fridge. Yogurt comes in a zillion delicious flavors (have you been in that grocery aisle recently?!) and pairs well with fruit, nuts and granola. In addition to being a tasty treat, yogurt is a rich source of calcium, helps digestion and can boost immunity. A healthy snack that keeps your kids healthy? Can’t beat that.  

2. Cheese Roll-Ups. All you need is a couple slices of cheese and a tortilla. Place the cheese in the tortilla and roll! Sometimes we like them hot. Sometimes we like them cold. Either way, these are the perfect snack to tide kids over until dinner.  

3. Flavored Milk. Simple as that. A glass of low-fat flavored milk is full of nine essential nutrients that help your kids build strong bones and perform better in school. And the best part is that to them, it seems like a special treat.  

4. Wonder Kids Mini Pizzas. These are a fun twist on a kid favorite. You’ll need 4 slices of bread, 4 tablespoons of pizza sauce, ¼ cup shredded Parmesan cheese and ½ cup shredded mozzarella. Add any toppings you like (think veggies for added nutrition). They can be baked in the microwave or oven. For full instructions, click here.  

5. Sweet Cottage Cheese and Bananas. Swirl a spoonful of honey into a small bowl of cottage cheese, then top with sliced bananas. The honey and banana add a hint of sweetness to the cottage cheese, which is loaded with protein (one cup of low-fat cottage cheese can have as many as 30g of protein).  

Stock the kitchen with a few basic dairy ingredients, fruit and veggies; and the next time your kids beeline for the kitchen after school, they’ll be able to whip up something healthy and nutritious all on their own.