Parfait Perfect

It’s officially summer! So let’s celebrate the solstice by gearing up for July Ice Cream Month the only way we know how: eating all the parfaits we can handle on National Strawberry Parfait Day. How’s that for too many good things to celebrate?!  Parfaits are a tasty layered treat ideal for hot summer nights, whether you’re BBQing, throwing a party or craving a refreshing midnight snack. 
With that, here are some of our favorite creamy, yogurty, parfait recipes you can enjoy all summer long:
peanut butter jelly parfait
Whipped Biscoff and Chocolate Cream Parfait Recipe
Lemon Pucker Up Parfait Recipe
Martha Stewart Carrot Cake Parfait Recipe
Banana Pudding Parfait Recipe
Strawberries and Cream Parfait Recipe
Food and Wine Caramel Tangerine Parfait Recipe
Mango Ginger Parfait Recipe
Key Lime Pie Parfait