Make a Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar

Make a Hot Chocolate Bar

Baby, it’s cold outside! Wow and warm guests at your next holiday party with a charming hot chocolate bar. Nothing is more inviting than a giant mug of cocoa adorned with fluffy marshmallows and swizzled with peppermint. Add a splash of schnapps for extra cheer. With oodles of toppings and an assortment of stirring sticks, one cup just won’t be enough.  
Here’s how to make the ultimate hot chocolate bar:

Pour - start with homemade hot chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocolate Bar Toppings


Sprinkle - top with your favorite goodies 
Mini Marshmallows 
Whipped Cream (try it frozen) 
Crushed Chocolate Mint Oreos 
Crumbled Heathbar 
Peanut Butter Chips  
Splash - add a hint of flavor 
Creme de Mint 


Hot Chocolate Bar Items


Swizzle - swirl it all together 
Candy Canes 
Pirouette Cookies (multiple flavors) 
Cinnamon Sticks 

Hot Chocolate Bar Candycanes and Cocoa

Pick a great theme like Roasty + Toasty (think brown, burnt orange, and other autumn hues), Some Like it Hot, Candycanes + Cocoa, or The More the Mallower (with marshmallows of every flavor!). Then add fun/funky dishes, cute labels, and drink up!