Make Black Friday Snacks with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Like many of you, our Thanksgiving traditions are pretty much set in stone. From the bird on the table and the meeting time to the number of pies and the number of guests, there’s a rhyme, a reason, and there’s definitely a recipe. We believe Thanksgiving is solely a day for family and gratitude—not shopping. But we do recognize that Black Friday shopping has become a new post-Thanksgiving tradition for the whole family. Finding the best deals and working your way through the crowds requires proper fueling, so we’ve come up with some great Black Friday recipes that use Thanksgiving leftovers to keep you energized all Black Friday-long! 
Banana Pumpkin Smoothie –  Use any leftover pumpkin and all your favorite Thanksgiving spices. Just blend, grab, and go! Leftover ingredient: pumpkin pie puree.
Banana Pumpkin Smoothie
Flavored Milk to Go – It’s not technically a leftover, but if you’re serving chocolate milk at the Thanksgiving dinner table why not pour some on your way out the door to all those Black Friday sales! It’s packed with protein and rich, chocolaty flavor! Leftover ingredient: any flavored (or unflavored) milk from the night before.
Chocolate Milk to Go
Green Bean Quiche – This beauty only takes 5 minutes to prepare. Bake it the night before or throw it in the oven as you’re getting ready to shop till you drop. Leftover ingredient: green bean casserole.
Leftover Green Bean Casserole Quiche
Snacks & Lunch
Cheese Sticks Wrapped in Turkey – It doesn’t get any easier than this. All you need is a small cooler or lunchbox to throw in a baggie of turkey and a few cheese sticks, and they’ll be ready to eat when you’re feeling snacky. Leftover ingredient: turkey.
Turkey and Spinach Wraps with Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Spread – Rock ‘n’ roll with these turkey wraps that capture all the flavors of the season. Leftover ingredient: turkey.
Turkey & Spinach Wraps with Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Spread
Green Bean Casserole Sandwich – There’s no need to throw out the last of the green bean casserole. Smother it between a couple slices of rye (or any other kind of bread), with butter and cheese for a savory snack. Leftover ingredient: green bean casserole.
Green Bean Casserole Sandwich
Ham Waldorf Salad Pita – In the mood for something on the lighter side? Try a fresh variation of the classic Waldorf salad by adding baked ham. Whether you choose pita pockets or rolls from the night before is up to you. Leftover ingredient: ham. 
Leftover Thanksgiving Ham Waldorf Salad Pita
Savory Turkey Hand Pies – Get rid of all your leftovers in one fell swoop with these hand pies that are sure to get swooped up. It’s a simple idea that lets you enjoy all the best of flavors of Thanksgiving dinner in a single bite. Leftover ingredients: turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, and piecrust.
Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Pie Recipe
Fiesta Turkey Soup – Thanksgiving leftovers head south of the border for a post Turkey-day party! Spicing up those leftovers with a zesty soup that will warm you up after a long day on the town. Leftover ingredients: turkey and corn.
Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Fiesta Soup
We aren’t aware that there is such a thing as leftover dessert. But if you have leftover pie, just keep eating it!
No matter what your traditions are, we hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family as much as we enjoy ours. As always, we are so grateful that dairy has a place at your table.