Lick, Scoop, Love: All the Ways to Eat Ice Cream

As National Ice Cream Month surges forward, we can’t stop thinking about all the ways we love to eat it. A lick here and a scoop there, there really is no wrong way to savor the creamy treat.  So we’ve come up with a list of the best ways to slip ice cream into your summer diet:
All in one sitting.
From the bowl.
Sandwiched between cookies.
Eating an ice cream cookie sandwich.
Atop waffles – or pancakes.
Ice cream and waffles
Stuck on a stick.
Ice Cream Bar
From a truck.
Ice Cream Truck
A la mode.
Apple Pie a la Mode
Drowned in root beer.
Root Beer Float
Layered in a cake.
Ice Cream Cake
One scoop in a cup.
Singe Scoop Ice Cream
Two scoops on a sugar cone.
Or three scoops on a waffle cone.
Triple Scoop Ice Cream Waffle Cone
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream
Blueberry Parfait Milkshake
Ice Cream with a Caramel Drizzle
With so many ways to enjoy our favorite dessert, we probably missed yours. Tell us how you like your ice cream!