Join Me in the Celebration of Dairy

June is National Dairy month. For a cow-obsessed country girl like me, that represents a perfect 30 days of everything dairy. Certainly my kind of month!

Dairy Month began 80 years ago as National Milk Month and is still going strong today. It is a time to celebrate all things dairy from the farmers, to the new innovative technologies on farms to the delicious dairy products.

The other night when I was coming in from feeding cows I asked myself where I thought I’d be without dairy. It became a part of my daily life at such an early age. Dairying taught me responsibility and respect for farmers and animals, created opportunities to grow, and even led me to my career.

So, why do YOU celebrate dairy?

If you like an ice cream cone on a summer day, whipped cream on your dessert, a glass of milk, a grilled cheese sandwich, or any other delicious foods you make with dairy, we want to see your dairy spirit! Share your favorite dairy foods and photos of you and your family enjoying dairy products throughout the month by using the hashtag #wamilksplash.

This June there’s a lot to celebrate; from the cows, the farmers, and the milk in your fridge – Washington dairy is something to smile about.

Until next time,