Fun Winter Activities

Fun Winter Activities

With tables full of sweet treats and tempting snacks, eating healthy during the holidays can be tough; and when the weather outside is less than delightful, getting the exercise you need can be even tougher. Being healthy in the New Year means eating a balanced diet and staying active. We talk a lot about how dairy foods can help prevent weight gain, but we also have some great winter activity ideas so you can get your heart rate up and have fun while doing it.

Build a Snowman – Release your inner child and get outside and play! Rolling up giant snowballs to build your family’s very own Frosty in the front yard is an easy way get moving -- and you just might feel like a kid again.

Have a Snowball Fight – If you’re outside building a snowman, you might as well have a snowball fight while you’re at it. Right?

Ice Skating – Not everyone has an ice skating rink nearby, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, take full advantage! Bring the whole family or save it for a date night. Either way, ice skating is a great lower body workout with a guarantee of laughter.

Hit the Slopes – This one is pretty obvious, but if you’re looking for a great workout and an even better time, spend a day on the mountain. With gorgeous views and killer runs, there’s no better way to get your exercise in this winter.

Dance – We’ve all been there: home alone with the radio in the background, dancing in the living room. Well turn it up and sweat it out. Dancing, or what you think is dancing, gets the body moving and the heart pumping. The best part is, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.

Shoveling Snow – Okay, we admit that shoveling snow isn’t exactly fun, but it’s a chore that has to be done. And there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment after you’ve cleared the whole driveway. You should feel even more accomplished knowing you worked up a good sweat and got your exercise in for the day; in one hour a man can burn around 500 calories shoveling snow.

Fuel Up to Play 60 – Kids need exercise too. The National Dairy Council and the NFL have collaborated with the USDA to set up programs that help kids get moving. Fuel Up to Play 60 has an entire playbook of activities that help kids feel good and have fun, too. Check them out here: Fuel Up to Play 60 Activity Ideas for Kids.

Staying active during the winter months can seem daunting, but with a little imagination and a few extra layers, it’s easier -- and a lot more fun -- than you think.

*Of course, always be aware of your body's limits. To be safe, stick to the activities that makes sense for you!