DFW Board Chair Represents Dairy at SxSW

Michelle Schilter, DFW Board Chair and third-generation dairy farmer, recently attended South by Southwest (SxSW), to bust food myths and discuss the benefits of technology in today’s food system at workshops and panels. 

“When most people think of technology in Washington they’re thinking Microsoft or Amazon, but I wanted them to start thinking about dairy,” stated Schilter. 
Creative thought leaders and progressive organizations from around the world gathered at South by Southwest, an annual conference held in Austin, Texas, to talk about state-of-the-art technology and innovation, as well as explore the latest in music and film. Food and nutrition were also topics at this year’s conference and dairy has a big voice in that discussion.
“Consumers want to know the story of their food from farm to table, as well as the faces behind it.” Schilter said. “I enjoyed answering their questions and highlighting the reasons why dairy is a perfect product- it’s local, responsibly produced, and packed with nutrients.”
Schilter was one of 20 U.S. dairy farmers attending SXSW with Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) to show all the exciting things happening in dairy and hopefully changed a few attendees’ perceptions along the way. 
“People think we wear overalls and a straw hat, but it was great to promote the advancements we’ve made and show what modern-day dairy farming is like,” she says. “From robotic milkers — which actually improve the cows’ quality of life — to climate-controlled barns to anaerobic digesters that can turn waste into electricity, we are becoming more sustainable and efficient every day.”
Click here to watch the video we created to promote Michelle at SxSW.