Dairy’s Sustainability Journey with the World Wildlife Fund

Skyridge Farms Awarded for Sustainability Efforts

Feeding the world is a big job. Doing it efficiently while conserving natural resources is an even bigger one. All across the country, dairy farmers are taking action to reduce their impact on the environment. The Innovation Center for US Dairy and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are working together to overcome sustainability challenges by developing, adopting and sharing cutting-edge, science-based farm practices that are good for business, communities and the planet.

We have dairy farmers right here in Washington who are taking small steps toward a sustainable future. Earlier in the year, Dan DeGroot, founder of Skyridge Farms in Sunnyside, won a National Sustainability Award because of the strides his dairy has taken over the years to minimize its environmental impact while still producing an exceptional product. The result has been a sustainable dairy model that other dairy producers can duplicate.
The WWF and the Innovation Center for US Dairy have captured the Sustainability Journeys of several dairies throughout the United States in an inspiring video series to recognize and share best farm practices. You can see Skyridge Farms' Dairy Sustainability Journey along with a handful of other dairies' stories here: worldwildlife.org/sustainabledairy.